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Renowned Speakers

Fares Nigim

Fares Nigim

Harvard Medical School USA

Carole Decker

Carole Decker

Saint Luke’s Hospital USA

Sybille Krauss

Sybille Krauss

Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen Germany

Gina H Tabrizy

Gina H Tabrizy

Harmony Heals Holistic Counselling Center USA

Neuro Surgery 2024

Welcome Message

Welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Neurosurgery! We are delighted to host this prestigious event in Vienna, Austria, from May 30 to May 31, 2024. This conference serves as a platform for neurosurgeons, researchers, and professionals from around the world to come together and exchange their knowledge, experiences, and latest advancements in the field of neurosurgery. Our goal is to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and ultimately enhance patient care in the realm of neurosurgical sciences. With an array of scientific sessions, expert presentations, and networking opportunities, we are confident that this event will be a valuable experience for all participants. We look forward to engaging discussions and breakthroughs that will shape the future of neurosurgery. Welcome to Vienna, and welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Neurosurgery!


About Conference

We are delighted to announce the 2nd International Conference on Neurosurgery, scheduled to take place on May 30-31, 2024, in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. This conference is set to be a premier gathering of leading neurosurgeons, researchers, medical professionals, and experts from around the world. With a comprehensive program encompassing the latest developments in the field of neurosurgery, this event promises to be a hub for knowledge sharing, cutting-edge research presentations, and discussions on the most pressing topics in the realm of neurosurgery. Join us in Vienna as we explore the frontiers of neurosurgery, share insights, and foster collaboration among the brightest minds in the field.

The conference proceedings include Keynote speeches, Exhibition, Plenary talks, Workshops, Symposiums, Poster sessions, B2B networking and Panel discussions on the latest research developments in the field of Epidemiology, Public health and certain diseases.

Highlights of Neuro surgery Conference 2024:

•           Meet the Neurology experts from 25+ countries around the globe
•           Meet your peers and evaluate your research in front of experts
•           World-class platform to Exhibit your products and services
•           More than 25 presentations from Industry and Academia leader
•           One- to-one interaction, B2B, and B2A etc.
•           Well organized Scientific Program with 5+ hours of Networking sessions
•           Interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions
•           Best Poster Awards, Young Research Forums

Conference Brochure

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Sessions & Tracks

  1. Neurosurgery ICU: This track will delve into the critical care aspects and challenges specific to patients undergoing neurosurgical procedures, emphasizing the latest advancements in intensive care practices.

Related Topics: Intensive Care| Neurocritical Care | Neurotrauma | Intracranial Monitoring | Ventilator Management | Sedation | Neuroinfections | Hemodynamic Monitoring | Postoperative Care | Neuromonitoring


  1. Neuroscience: Discussions in this track will revolve around the study of the nervous system, encompassing various interdisciplinary areas such as molecular, cellular, developmental, and cognitive neuroscience.

Related Topics: Neurobiology | Neurophysiology | Neuropsychology | Neuropathology | Neuroimaging | Neuropharmacology | Cognitive | Synaptic | Neurogenetics | Neuromodulation


  1. Brain and Spinal Injuries: This track will focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of traumatic injuries affecting the brain and spinal cord, exploring both surgical and non-surgical approaches to management.

Related Topics: Concussion | Neck Injuries |Traumatic Brain Injury | Spinal Cord Trauma | Rehabilitation | Cerebral Hemorrhage | Whiplash | Sports-Related Injuries | Skull Fractures | Paralysis | Neuroprotection| Recovery | Neurological Deficits | Head Trauma | Vertebral Fractures | Spinal Cord Regeneration | Cranial Injuries | Spinal Stenosis | Peripheral Nerve Injuries | Cerebrovascular Accident


  1. Neuropathology: Participants in this track will explore the pathological aspects of diseases affecting the nervous system, including the study of tissues obtained from biopsies and autopsies to understand the underlying mechanisms.

Related Topics: Glioblastoma | Neuroinflammation | Demyelination | Encephalopathy | Neuropathogenesis | Cerebrovascular | Neuroparasitology | Prion Diseases | Neuropathological Techniques | Brain Tumors | Spinal Cord Pathology | Pediatric Neuropathology | Neuropathology of Aging | Neurodegenerative Diseases | Toxic Neuropathology


  1. Neuroradiology: This track will centre on the use of imaging techniques to diagnose and treat neurological conditions, including discussions on the latest advancements in neuroimaging technologies and their applications.

Related Topics: Imaging Modalities | Neurovascular Imaging | Pediatric Neuroradiology | Neurointervention | Functional Imaging | Spinal Imaging | Neuroradiological Techniques | Neuroradiological Diseases | Radiation Safety | Artificial Intelligence in Neuroradiology


  1. Neurology: Discussions in this track will revolve around the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various neurological disorders, including their impact on the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Related Topics: Neuroscience | Epilepsy | Dementia | Stroke | Neurodegeneration | Neuropathology| Neuroimmunology | Neurogenetics| Neuropsychology| Neuromuscular


  1. Neurosurgeon: This track will focus on the practices, techniques, and advancements in the field of neurosurgery, emphasizing the role of neurosurgeons in the treatment of various neurological conditions.

Related Topics: Brain Surgery | Spine Surgery | Neuroimaging | Traumatic Brain Injury | Epilepsy | Pediatric | Neurosurgery | Skull Base Surgery | Functional Neurosurgery | Cerebrovascular Surgery | Brain Tumors


  1. Psychiatry: Participants in this track will explore the intersection between neurology and psychiatry, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses and psychological disorders with a neurological basis.

Related Topics: Depression | Schizophrenia | Bipolar | Anxiety | Addiction | Therapy | Medication | Child Psychiatry | PTSD | Psychopharmacology


  1. Neuroscientist: This track will highlight the work of neuroscientists in studying the nervous system, including the investigation of neural circuits, brain-behavior relationships, and the underlying mechanisms of neurological diseases.

Related Topics: Brain Mapping | Cognitive Neuroscience | Neuroimaging | Neural Circuits | Brain Development | Neuroplasticity | Synaptic Transmission | Neurogenetics | Neuroinformatics | Consciousness


  1. Neuropsychologists: Discussions in this track will revolve around the application of psychological principles to understanding the relationship between brain function and behavior, including the assessment and treatment of cognitive and behavioral deficits.

Related Topics: Neuropsychological Assessment | Cognitive Rehabilitation | Brain Injury | Dementia | Memory Disorders | Neurodevelopmental Disorders | Aging | Cognitive Function | Neuropsychological Testing | Psychopathology


  1. Mental Health: This track will focus on the promotion of mental well-being and the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses, exploring various psychological and therapeutic interventions for individuals with neurological disorders.

Related Topics: Anxiety | Depression | Therapy | Stress | Wellness | Resilience | Counseling | Psychiatry | Disorders | Self-care | Happiness | Mindfulness | Stigma | Well-being | Empowerment


  1. Neurophysiology: Participants in this track will explore the fundamental principles governing the functioning of the nervous system, including the study of neural pathways, synapses, and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Related Topics: Electrophysiology | Neurotransmission | Synaptic Plasticity | Neuronal Excitability | Action Potentials | Membrane Potential | Ion Channels | Neuromuscular | Neural Pathways | Cortical Mapping


  1. Neurodegenerative Diseases: This track will center on the study of progressive neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's diseases, focusing on the underlying mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Related Topics: Alzheimer's | Parkinson's | Dementia | Huntington's | Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) | Frontotemporal Dementia | Prion Diseases | Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) | Progressive | Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) | Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD)


  1. Neurosurgical: Discussions in this track will revolve around the latest advancements and techniques in neurosurgical procedures, including discussions on minimally invasive surgeries, robotics, and innovative surgical approaches.

Related Topics: Craniotomy | Stereotactic | Endoscopy | Aneurysm | Radiosurgery | Glioma | Minimally Invasive | Spinal | Pediatric | Skull Base


  1. Neurologist: This track will highlight the role of neurologists in the diagnosis and treatment of various neurological conditions, emphasizing their expertise in the management of complex neurological disorders.

Related Topics: Epilepsy | Stroke | Alzheimer's | Parkinson's | Migraine | Multiple Sclerosis | Neuropathy | Dementia | Neuroimmunology | Neurogenetics | Neurorehabilitation | Neuropharmacology | Neuroinflammation | Neurocritical Care | Neuroimaging | Neurooncology | Pediatric Neurology | Geriatric Neurology | Neuropsychiatry | Neurotrauma


  1. Neurological Surgery: Participants in this track will explore the surgical aspects of treating neurological conditions, including discussions on the latest advancements in surgical techniques and approaches for complex neurosurgical cases.

Related Topics: Neurosurgery | Brain | Spine | Tumor | Cranial | Aneurysm | Endoscopy | Microsurgery | Epilepsy | Skull | Vascular | Pediatric | Trauma | Minimally Invasive | Neuromonitoring | Infection | Neuroendoscopy | Stereotactic | Functional | Neuro-Oncology


  1. Neurological Rehabilitation: This track will focus on the rehabilitation and recovery of individuals with neurological disorders, emphasizing the importance of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitative interventions.

Related Topics: Physical Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Speech Therapy | Mobility | Cognitive Rehabilitation | Stroke Recovery | Spinal Cord Injury | Neuroplasticity | Gait Training | Balance Training


  1. Neuro Physiotherapy: Discussions in this track will revolve around the use of physiotherapy techniques to treat individuals with neurological conditions, emphasizing the role of physical therapy in improving motor function, mobility, and overall quality of life.

    Related Topics: Rehabilitation | Neurorehabilitation | Physiotherapist | Stroke | Neurological | Recovery | Movement | Mobility | Spinal Cord | Parkinson's | Balance | Gait | Exercise | Therapy | Functional | Cerebral Palsy | Brain Injury | Motor Skills | Rehab | Motor Control


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date May 30-31, 2024

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